Thursday, August 13, 2015

CAPTIVE HEART - Available For Preorder Now!

Sexy paranormal romance set in the world of
King Arthur!
Book 3 in the ARTHURIAN HEARTS series
(May be read before or after Books 1 & 2)
Release Date: Nov 10, 2015
Note: These books do have an element of light ménage (as well as M/F and M/M). Probably not enough to satisfy true fans of ménage but possibly more than some readers might be comfortable with. If this isn't an element you're comfortable with, then these books probably won't be ones you'll enjoy.

(Will be available to read free in Kindle Unlimited)
When Lady Lynette's half-sister is kidnapped by the Knight of the Red Lands—the powerful son of a despot slain by their father—Lyn knows more than her beautiful sister's innocence is at risk. The scheming fae Nimue has aligned herself with the vengeful knight, and to rescue her sister, Lyn must find a champion who can best all the traps the treacherous Nimue has set.
At King Arthur's court, Lyn, half-fae herself, finds an unlikely champion in a kitchen scullion mockingly called Beaumains. The seer Merlin, however, vouches for the quiet Beau, just as he does for the damaged Sir Marrok, recently fallen under a werewolf's curse and struggling to control the beast vying for dominance within.
With the two outcasts by her side, Lyn takes on the desperate quest to free her sister. As the challenges mount, the three of them turn to one another for strength, finding comfort in their sensuous embraces. Together, if they can discover the terrible secret that gives the Knight of the Red Lands his power, they might have a chance to defeat him and, in the process, rescue not only Lyn's sister but each other.